If you are in need of healing in your body, as you read these testimonies, trust God to also touch you. He is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34) and will do the same for you that he has done for these. God can heal instantly or gradually. He also heals different ways, but He does heal. He heals because He loves His children (1 John 3:1). He loves because He is love (1 John 4:8). If you belong to Jesus Christ you are a child of God (John 20:17) and your Father deeply cares for you. Don’t listen to the skeptics and the doubters. Listen to God’s word and have faith in Him to do what His word says. Resist Satan’s guilt trip if you are not healed immediately.

Never give up. Make sure you have no bitterness or unforgiveness in your heart towards anyone. Humbly read God’s word back to God and ask Him to perform it for you. Whether for you or a family member, God’s healing power is available no matter how long you have suffered or how bad the doctor’s report may be. Press in press hard and resist all doubt. May God continue to be gloried in the following testimonies. No man or woman healed the following people. The Lord Jesus Christ healed each one:

    A lady, fifty-one years old, comes up to the front of the church, after we ask for anyone with pain to step forward. She tells us that her hands have suffered with crippling arthritic pain for eight years. As I stand before her, I know in the Spirit that the gift of faith is in operation. Because of this I said confidently, “Get ready for it to go.” She said, “OK”. Immediately the pain left and she received her healing. She left a very happy woman. She is still pain free and still rejoicing. Thank you Lord Jesus for delivering this woman!

Another lady, who is elderly and frail, comes forward. The swelling in her lower legs started three weeks before. No known reason for the swelling, (the doctor couldn’t tell her why). She at first seems to have little faith, but after seeing others being healed she answered “Yes” when I ask her if she believes God wants to heal her. Sherry lays hands on her legs and I sense in the Spirit to rebuke a spirit of infirmity (Luke 13:11). As soon as I do her swelling goes down and instead of a weak and frail spirit, she suddenly abounds with energy. We all praise the Lord Jesus, as she springs back to her seat.

    He came forward leaning to one side and bend over in excruciating pain. Before I could finish praying he started to get relief. I simply observed as the Lord worked. He started to straighten up and I told him to begin to move and turn his body. He was astonished as he noticed that the pain was leaving. Within three minutes he was
    completely healed and walked upright and straight. He kept crying and thanking me as I continued to point to Jesus. May the name of Jesus be praised.

It was at the end of a long service and I was tired and ready to leave, but something kept me from saying the last amen. I waited for a minute or two and then strongly felt the Holy Spirit say, “A woman has waited thirty five years for her eyes to be healed. Tonight she will receive.” I spoke the word just as I heard it from the Holy Spirit. No one came forward. I know what I heard, so I said it again. Then, almost reluctantly, she stood up, but did not come forward. She said she had been slowly going blind for thirty five years, and she had been prayed for hundreds of times. She got to the place
where she just accepted the condition and no longer sought prayer for her eyes. I said to her, “Come forward.” As she started to walk to the front God started to touch her. Before she could reach me she was healed and could see perfectly. She was amazed, and I was thankful I didn’t close the service.

    He was fifty years old, and ever since an accident suffered severe pain. At times it seemed to pierce him like a knife. After telling me that he suffered for forty years I
    started to reach around and touch his back, before I could do that I knew the Lord had already started to heal him. Within one minute he was totally healed. He was shocked and at first couldn’t believe that he no longer had pain. He kept moving until he realized it was true. BECAUSE OF YOUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT, THESE AND OTHERS HAVE BEEN TOUCHED BY GOD.Thank you!

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